Seminar & Webinar
Name of the workshop/ webinar Date From – To Link to the Activity report on the website
Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Science, Technology and new Opportunities for Young Minds in Post Covid World 10.07.2020-11.07.2020      
Impact of Covid 19 on Indian Economy:Prospects and Challenges Ahead 03.08.2020
Migration and Livelihood Under the COVID-19 Pandemic- Challenges and Strategies'. 22.07.2020
Human- Virus interaction: present and future perspective 26.08.2020
Awareness of E resources and their Access by the Academic community to overcome the COVID 19 Pandemic 21.09.2020
 Role of various Mathematical Software to make Science  Teaching and Learning more Meaningful 29.08.2020
The Ayurveda and Present Pandemic 30.07.2020-31.07.2020
Lokosanskritite Lokosangeet 28.08.2020
Covid-19 Pandemic:                  Paradigm shift towards new normal life 27.06.2020 The Webinar was conducted via WebEX Cisco Cloud Meeting  Meeting link-
Yoga in Pandemic Situation: Theory and Practice 06.07.2020
National Education Policy 2020 21.08.2020
Partition:-Psycho-socio-cultural dialectics 25.07.2020-26.07.2020
Psychological Poblems During Covid-19: Its Impact & Remedies 03.09.2020
Struggle For Coexistence: Affect of Anthropocene  on Non-human Life Forms 20.06.2020
Issues related to promotion and protection of Intellectual Property Rights 11.11.2020
Yogic Culture for Wellness in Post COVID Period 18.06.2021-21.06.2021
Classical Contemporary Indian Philosophers and their Thoughts:Revisiting and Rethinking 25.06.2021-06.07.2021
Social Work as a career in India: Scope and Opportunities 05.07.2021
Career Counselling for the outgoing Students 15.07.2021 ​
Combating corruption and Prevention of Crime in Promoting Good Goverance: A New Dimension for community development 19.07.2021
Explore the career opportunities in government sector and unlock the potentials in you 27.09.2021 conducted via zoom
Research Methodology 30.09.2021