Development of the Library Service

Development of the Library Service

User Centric Service Pattern is being started. Feed-back system helps us to improve the quality of library service.

Best practices of our Library:

  1. A.C reading room provide congenial environment to the readers.
  2. CCTV Camera helps to watch the reader’s activity in the Central Library.
  3. A considerable number of periodicals are being subscribed.
  4. For book selection, students demand is considered.
  5. Book circulation beyond the specified time.
  6. Clean and peaceful atmosphere inside the Library premises.

Future Projection:

  1. Developing a Digital Library with Institutional Repository.
  2. To introduce Web-OPAC(Online Public Access Catalogue) facilities to users
  3. A considerable number of Journals would be subscribed.
  4. Introduction of “Best Library User” award to inspire students.
  5. The reference books, periodicals and current awareness sections will function from reading room for reader's convenience.