About NSS of Sonamukhi College

The National Service Scheme is a noble Youth Activity of our country started in 1969 on the occasion of the birth centenary of Mahatma Gandhi. The main objective of NSS is 'Education through Community Service'. "Not me but you" is the motto of NSS which means every person should realize that not he alone or she alone is important but the society in which he or she lives is on the whole important. NSS activities are multipurpose as well as multidimensional in their nature. And in practice, these activities take an important part to the service of mankind and in execution of the process of formation of the future generation of the country through various constructive programmes. The phenomenal success of Science and Technology in his service has made man forget the long cherished values such as love, peace, co-operation and tolerance etc. Materialism and its comfort shifted the importance of life to mere acquisition of material health. Further Globalisation has thrown the values out of greater life.

West Bengal is one of the first few states where NSS has been introduced since its inception in the country in 1969. In the days to come, NSS activities will further be strengthened to take it to the optimum level by sincerity and commitment of all concerned. Similarly the NSS of Sonamukhi College has achieved many goals of youth empowerment. The NSS volunteers are involved in multi-dimensional activities like laying of college garden, tree plantation, adoption of village, Swatch Bharat Abhiyan, health camp, awareness programmes etc. The students may be placed in projects of adult education, welfare of slum dwellers, training in civil defence, traffic control, adventure sports, work in hospitals, orphanages, destitute homes.

Our mission

  • To inculcate principles, values and ideologies in the younger generation and make them aware of their commitment towards social and moral duties and initiate them into social community service.
  • To inspire volunteers to take active participation in state wide or national NSS activities
  • To motivate students for cultural programmes and take active participation in national competitions.
  • To arrange awareness programmes related to health, hygiene, road safety, cleanliness, vector borne diseases, environmental changes, prevention of dengue and AIDS among common people.

Units, Programme officers and intake capacity

In recognition of our real attachment with the society the university has sanctioned three NSS units.  Prof. Ramprasad Kanrar, Prof. Subhasree Majumdar and Prof. Anupam Mandal are in charge of UNIT-I, II and III respectively. With an intake of 150 students, every year the Programme Officers are actively engaged in different programmes.

Adopted villages

Each unit of Sonamukhi College NSS has adopted a nearby village and is actively involved in social activities including members of the village.

  • Muslo is a village located 1.5km away from Sonamukhi College and comes under the Kochdihi Gram Panchayet. It is an adopted village by the Sonamukhi college NSS Unit-I.
  •  Churamonipur is a village located 2km away from Sonamukhi College and comes under the Onda block and Kochdihi Gram Panchayet. It is an adopted village by the Sonamukhi college NSS Unit-II.
  • Shiber Bandh is a village located 3.5km away from Sonamukhi College and comes under the Kochdihi Gram Panchayet. It is an adopted village by the Sonamukhi college NSS Unit-III.

Programmes undertaken every year

Each and every year NSS units are engaged in organizing different programmes that include-

  • Tree plantation programme inside and outside of campus.
  • Blood donation camps involving volunteers and local people
  • Awareness programme on prevention of vector borne diseases
  • Celebration of NSS day
  • Awareness programme on AIDS
  • Celebration of youth day
  • Campus cleaning programme bi-annually
  • Celebration of National Yoga day
  • Visits to adopted villages and health camps
  • Taking participation in programmes instructed by Ministry of Youth.

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