Mission Vision

       Learning is a pleasure. Education in a joyful way is the Vision. To create an environment that will be conductive to learning and innovation. Provision of proper infrastructure and infusion of adequate opportunities will facilitate the students to step into higher studies. The College has concentrated into this vision. Besides, creating of career oriented comprehensive education, ambience of virtual/e-facilities for motivation of students is a need indeed for understanding the mysteries of existence, discovery of scientific truths and realization of the philosophy of this wonderful universe. Through our ideal system of teaching and regular interactions, they will learn social and moral values, and thus, they will remain indebted forever to this institution in particular and to the society in general. Cultivation of education to those who are deprived from regular study is the social responsibility. Extension of activities in collaboration with Corporate for those, who are away from education, is also a vision.

  • To make a true human being in every angle of life and its outlook is the main mission.
  • To provide higher education as well as skill oriented facilities to all the students.
  • To uplift the students, who are deprived, underprivileged and economically weaker.
  • All-round development of body, mind and soul of the students for sailing the vessel of life with courage, confidence, determination and patience.
  • To inculcate reverence, passion, consciousness and tenacity among the students.
  • Last but not least, to make strong and determined character to make them a good citizen for the betterment of mankind.

Imparting class room education to the students of various Honours and Programme courses under the stream of Science, Arts and Commerce is the objective. Subsidiary objectives are improvement in campus atmosphere and canteen facilities. Beside the increase in number of books for new CBCS syllabi, provision for e-resources in teaching-learning-evaluation has been introduced to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic situation. In the current situation, ICT based classroom teachings have also been implemented. A new dimension in history of Sonamukhi College has been achieved. The fact is the initiation of amalgamated activity with corporate spectrum in this very academic session.