College History

In the glorious year of 1966, some noble souls assembled to lay the stone of Sonamukhi College under the leadership of Prof. Anantalal Patra.  Late Bishnupada Dey and Late Shaktipada Dey extended their helping hand unconditionally by donating 5 acres land for the foundation as well as construction of the college. A large number of people stretched their kind hand by providing financial support for the establishment of the college. Irrespective of caste, creed, financial condition, the people showed their generosity by supporting the noble task with happiness and smile. The collective effort of the people belonging to all levels of society made it possible, the inception of Sonamukhi College as a holy place of higher education.

            Sonamukhi Block and its adjacent areas were densely populated. Poverty, ignorance, illiteracy, superstition and orthodoxy were their permanent companions. The initiative of imparting education to the first generation innocent learners of these areas was started in the three rooms of Sonamukhi Bindubasini Jubilee High School. The incessant and unflinching efforts achieved perfection on 17th August 1966 as the much expected approval letter from “The University of Burdwan” had been reached our college. Prof. Anantalal Patra, the founder principal, is no more with us but in all the stones, bricks, woods, plants and in everything within the college, his presence is felt, his contribution is realized. The degree of completeness in recognition was achieved in the later stage i.e. both 2(f) and 12B from UGC.