Department of Social Work

About Department



About the Department:

The department of social work is newly introduced subject in this college. It has started its journey in Sonamukhi College in the year 2019. This is the first college under the Bankura University who has initiated to introduce this course in undergraduate level. The department is offering Core course (Honours), in Social Work through CBCS under Bankura University.

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) is a three-year undergraduate degree that offers knowledge and skills to aspirants to prepare them for a professional career in social welfare. Thus, the course is ideal for the students who wish to bring change in society by extending hands to the marginalized and unprivileged section of the society.

Details of the Present Departmental Staff:

The department has two faculty members at present:




Date of Joining






& Experience


Mr. Sujan Banerjee

Invited Lecturer


M.S.W (Gold





Medalist), Pursuing







Dr. Kamala Kanta Show

Invited Lecturer


M.S.W, P.hD







Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning-

  • Besides the usual “Chalk and Talk” method, interactive discussions are held.
  • To arouse their interest, the multidisciplinary aspect of the subject with reference to various examples, are highlighted.
  • Special grooming classes for enhancing their soft skills and personality.
  • Field work practicum is given equally importance in comparison to the theory part of the subject.
  • Assignments are given in time.
  • Weak students are given special support.
  • Remedial classes are taken as and when necessary (particularly after the dissolution of the classes before final University Examination).
  • Students are motivated to give presentation after the completion of their field work and also conduct debate for better understanding about the social reality.


  • During its short period of time and consequent to the prevailing pandemic situation, the department has successfully convened:
  1. A National Webinar on “Social Work as a Career in India: Scope and Opportunities” Organized by Department of Social Work, Sonamukhi College In collaboration with Amar Kutir Society for RuralDevelopment, Shantiniketan” July 2021.
  2. A National Webinar on "Combating corruption and prevention of crime in promoting good governance: A new dimension for community development."Organized by:-The Department of Social Work & Internal Quality Assurance cell (IQAC) Sonamukhi College In collaboration with the Anti-corruption branch, West Bengal” July 2021.

SWOC analysis of the Department and Future plans:


  • Well- qualified faculty members/ Dedicated faculty members.
  • Socially relevant courses and activities and healthy Teacher-Student relationship.
  • Eco-Friendly atmosphere.
  • Faculty members enriched themselves by participating in different National and International Seminars and classes in regular basis.


  • No modern technical study methods and materials.
  • Lack of transportation to supervise the field work
  • Since the subject is new to the students as well as to the people in this region therefore, students are confused about the selection of the subject.


  • Scope for different jobs in for Non-Government Organizations (NGOs).
  • Students can also land jobs in private welfare companies and in various departments of government sectors.
  • Opportunities for higher education and Research in various Universities.


  • Most of our students are first generation learner.
  • To arrange more seminars and group discussion among the students
  • Seminars of National/International level should be arranged in the department.
  • Eminent faculty members from different institution should invited for the academic betterment of the students.


Faculty Members