Department of Geography

About Department

History and departmental events:-

The Department of Geography starts its journey in 2006, with general pass course. Later on in 2008, the department got updated and achieved the key to run Undergraduate Honours course. The department is located in the interfluves region of Dwarkeswar and Sali River in the plateau fringe of Chota Nagpur where undulating topography with dense Sal forest interrupted by Riverine alluvium agricultural land. Since 2017-18 Academic sessions it started offering Core course (Honours), and Programme in Geography through CBCS under Bankura University.  The geographical personality of the region is build up by simple to complex interaction of man-nature relationship. Ethnic diversity is also an important matter of enquiry in this regard.

Students can study different fields of Geography like Geotectonics, Geomorphology, Climatology, Cartographic Techniques, Statistical Methodology, Hydrology, Oceanography, Population Geography, Urban Geography, Soil Geography, Biogeography, Cultural Geography, Settlement Geography, Research Methodology, and Remote Sensing, GIS, GPS etc. throughout their syllabus

The atmosphere of the department is so warm and the bonding of teachers and students are the oxygen of the department. Regular Theoretical and Practical classes are taken in the department. Both Physical and Online mode of teaching are adopted in our department. Different evaluation systems such as class test, assignment, seminar, presentation are performed regularly to judge the performance of students. The department of geography imparts its education not only within the four walls of class room but also it communicates through field study, excursion, village study and project work. The cultural Programmes like Teachers’ Day, Fresher’s welcome etc. are regularly organized by the students every year. It creates on cordial and energetic environment in the department. The department offers ample scope to develop a learner as a future geographer through numerous modern technology and apparatus. The students of this department benefited by Remote sensing software, General geographical instruments and soil testing equipment as and when necessary. Students and teachers actively take part in those programmes. Alumni of this department have made their marks in various Institutions around the country.


Details of the Present Departmental Staff:   

  1. Mr. Ashis Pandit,  M.A. Ph.D. in progress, Assistant Prof.
  2. Mr. Samit Datta,  M.A. (SACT).
  3. Mr. Jhantu Bangal,  M.A. (SACT).

Departmental Facilities:

  1. Two class rooms
  2. High speed internet facilities for students and teachers.
  3. Normal lecture deliver method is usually used for the class (Chalk and Talk method), some classes are being taken with the help of Power Point presentations through LCD projector.
  4. On line mode of teaching is also available in college website.
  5. RS & GIS Lab.
  6. Running Tap water in the Lab.

Best Practices of the Department:

  1. To create scientific approach among students and also gaining knowledge about the topography of the Earth through Educational Excursion.
  2. Encourage students to participate in seminar/ exhibitions, quiz, NSS, NCC, Sports and others cultural programmes.
  3. The examination schedule, evaluation of answer scripts, and publication of results are planned in advance, and executed accordingly.
  4. Encourages faculty members of the department to undertake professional development opportunities and for publications, presentations.
  5. Priority to establish a good Teacher – Students relationship.

Faculty Members